Audicicous Gamers Servers

Our 24*7 MuLtIMoD LIVE Server'S



                                            Rules you must follow



  • All members are to know and enforce our rules at All times.
  • All those interested to be the admin should pay 250 INR to keep our 24*7 server running. 
  • To join our clan you will have to show us your screen shot in which the score should be the higher and deaths should be the lower than score.
  • Any kind of abusing, spamming will not be tolerated in any form and will result in strict actions.
  • As long as you are member of our clan and have the clan tag in your cs nick you represent our clan in front of the world. Any kind of cheating or malpractice will not be tolerated by our clan and may result in strict action.
  • Passing any fake messages about the clan or server will not be tolerated.
  • No members are allowed  to decide a clan match without the permission of a owner and disobeying this may force us to take strict actions against the player.
  • At least once a month and at most 4 times a month their will be a gather of our clan members in our 24*7 server for our practice for our clan matches.
  • Being our clan member if you join any other clan you will be kicked out of this clan.
  • If you wish to join any other clan or quit our clan just report any of the owners.
  • This clan is ready to accept new members for our clan any time.
  • Clan members are also expected to respect all guests in servers, game or voice.
  • Clan members will not, under any circumstances, purposely cause problems with or issues for another clan.
  • Any issues involving the breaking of the conduct or server rules that the clan, could considers such acts to be a Major or minor infraction, and will have disciplinary actions to follow, up to including: loosing all your memberships rights and privileges!
  • Owners of the clan have right to change rules of the clan any time.
  • We accept payment via bank transaction.( for adminship )

        Click here to join our clan