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Our 24*7 MuLtIMoD LIVE Server'S



|AudiciouS Multimod|

Multimod :-

For Adminship :- Contact [email protected]

Our Official Page :-

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Server Manager :- |AuDi| T.j & |AudI| Rounak
Head Admin^ :- |AuDi| T.j

Admin requirements :- ( Only Paid Now )
- should have knowledge of amx commands
- should behave properly with players
- server should not be empty or with less players when that admin is online on server
- server maps should be change after 1 hour atleast
- Admins should try to run all maps
- admins should promote server and call player & should try to make server full
- admins should be regular on server
- no misuse of admin powers for personal revenge with other players.

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